Research to Business FORUM | Dec 1, 2022 | Shorten time to market by disruptive organizations and sharing data

Invited presenter: Mats Brodén (CEO at Embedded Nano A; Founder Metaverse Nordic Powerhouse, Sweden) on data sharing with block chain and NFTs to facilitate business and impact creation from nanotechnology research. Data Sharing in Data Unions/Spaces/Commons | Multi-Stakeholder Ecosystem – Token Economics.

Mats Brodén has experience in how to deploy nanotechnology, industry and businesses. His interest is to bridge the gap between cutting edge science and business/society (mainly related to sensors). In the session he will discuss how do we go from “proof of concept” to “proof of business”, for example using nanotechnology to digitalize real world objects. A central aspect is the sharing of data. This will create an effect of shorten time to market for science to business.