Graphene – a retirement story | Oct 12

This is part of an innovation sharinar session.

The first sharinar is by Mikael Syväjärvi. A pioneer in graphene research and business. The research goes back more than 15 years and the graphene start-up from that research now celebrates 10 years. Here he shares his story and views on entrepreneurial research in graphene on silicon carbide.

The innovation sharinar series has the purpose to share experiences. The purpose is to create more business from research. This we can do by learning from each other. We will not go deep into physics. The series consist of an introduction and a discussion. The introduction will be moderatelty short (max 15-20 minutes). The discussion will follow participants interest. This may be Q&A, comments from participants to share their experience, etc. So it is more about individuals sharing experiences than the actual presentation. The presentations will be our stories as entrepreneurs and initiators to new approaches to make more usefulness from research. Sharing experiences, practices and our views on these. The aim is to create new collaborations, expand our networks so we can learn from each other and create more business from research.