Research to Business Forum | July 28, 2022

Interaction is one of the main key features for research to business. In he EMPIRI community there will therefore be forum sessions. These is informal and lot will be to provide useful learnings to each other. Each forum will start with an own example.

We will share experiences and practices related to research to business. The aim is to build a community which is interactive. We can progress in our own cases by learning from each other. This is held as a forum in order to have a flexible character so that ideas from participants can be included in each forum meeting. Discussion and exchange are important.

This activity is a part of the EMPIRI (Energy and Environmental Materials Platform for International Research and Innovation) community. The overall aim is that there will be more usefulness in energy and environmental fields. In such way the activity can contribute to address climate solutions relevant for sustainable development goals. For that the business is central to motivate the transition steps from research to market. In reality no technology will come to market unless there is cost efficiency and market attraction so that investments are justified to develop to higher technology readiness levels. In simplified words: business.