NANOSMAT Asia 2021

Special session.

“Impact of Nanotechnology Research and Innovation”
Special session at NANOSMAT Asia 2021
Session chair: Dr. Mikael Syväjärvi, JMS Center for Research Utilisation | ALMINICA AB

This special session is focussed on research and innovation in nanotechnology materials for utilisation and impact creation. The aim is to create more innovation capacity for future sustainability approaches. Such capacity is created when we understand the innovation in other contexts, for example by smart specialisation for regional growth, European Innovation actions which support breakthrough technologies and innovations to create new markets and scale up internationally. We do this by sharing experiences in how we made next steps in utilisation of research findings. After each presentation there is a discussion so we can understand more and can relate to participants experiences also. By this we learn from each other and build network with each other in innovation capacity, utilisation and innovation management. The sharing experiences and practices can be as oral talks or in poster session as preferred.

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