EUSBSR Annual Forum 2021 event

Green advanced materials technologies in the hydrogen future | Sep 29, 2021 9.00-12.00

Mikael Syväjärvi, JMS Center for Research Utilisation | ALMINICA AB (Sweden)
Muhammad Imran Asghar, Aalto University (Finland), Hubei University (China)
Mysore Sridhar Santosh, Centre for Incubation, Innovation, Research and Consultancy (CIIRC), Jyothy Institute of Technology (India)


We address novel advanced materials research and innovation avenues which explore hydrogen as emerging technologies concept, such as mixed ionic-electronic materials for fuel cells, mechanical materials for hydrogen storage, etc. The aim is to share experiences and practices through stakeholder exchange between researchers, innovators, regional stakeholders, need owners, industry, etc.

The technologies will create products and services. These will be adopted by stakeholders. The research and innovation domain has the challenge that the routes from emerging technologies to stakeholder and market uptake are not known. This can be better understood by exchange.

The green hydrogen future from advanced materials research and innovation is developing and introducing new key enabling technologies. This is possible by learning about how to overcome barriers which are present in utilization aspects of research and innovation communities, as well as part of the societal change. For example, technologies present value chains from technical motivations. At the same time there are regional strategies such as research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (S3) promoted by the European Commission. These gather actors which in fact also address value chains. By exchange between technology and regional actors there will be more understanding how to create synergies for implementation. Stakeholder exchange will result in a knowledge community. The expectation is that this will facilitate the present smart specialisation (S3) to next level of smart specialization (S4+) that is on strategies for sustainable and inclusive growth.

The overall aim is therefore to create mutual understanding and synergies. Such are only possible to involving engaged stakeholders. This session initiates community exchange in the BSR and has the aim to gather active individuals and organizations related to green advanced materials in the hydrogen future. It will lead to collaboration, partnerships, as well as BSR and EU projects.

This is part of ADHERE project “Development of Advanced Composite Pressure Vessels for Hydrogen Storage”. The vessel is developed using additive manufacturing and the project includes interaction of hydrogen energy with the energy system. The project is coordinated by CIIRC, Jyothy Institute of Technology, Tataguni, India. The project is funded in call by the European Joint Programming Platform ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems in collaboration with the global Mission Innovation Initiative. The Joint Call 2019 (“MICall19”) is focussed on transnational Research, Development and Innovation projects on integrated energy storage solutions. The project runs until Nov 2023.

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