Third generation semiconductor energy materials and technologies 2021

Special Sino-Nordic research and innovation session
Third generation semiconductor energy materials and technologies 2021:
Silicon carbide and other semiconductor approaches
Organizers: Mikael Syväjärvi, ALMINICA AB (Sweden) and Lili Zhao, Harbin KY Semiconductor, LUC (China)
The session is held at the International Summit Forum on the Development and Prospects of the Third Generation Semiconductor Industry, Harbin, China, July 4-6, 2021. The Summit is organized by China Advanced Semiconductor Industry Innovation Alliance.
The session is organized by JMS Center for Research Utilisation | ALMINICA AB and Harbin KY Semiconductor, LUC. The activity is promoted by the network EMPIRI (energy and environmental platform for international research and innovation).
This session is the first Sino-Nordic session in an exchange series that is focused on third generation semiconductor energy materials and technologies.
The initiation to the session was inspired by the China-Russia Semiconductor Research Institute that is inaugurated at the summit. The aim is that the Nordic-Sino exchange will lead to focused joint efforts regarding research and innovation in advanced materials.
The 2021 session will be online (pre-recorded video). The aim is to initiate knowhow and understanding in recent research and technology from Nordic research and industrial groups. The purpose is to create discussion about possible collaboration projects and exchange of researchers to push the progress in third generation energy material.
Three speakers will be presenting an overview of their research and innovation avenues.

  1. The semiconductor enigma in solid oxide fuels cells for hydrogen to electricity generation
    Muhammad Imran Asghar
    New Energy Technologies Group, Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University; Finland;
    Faculty of Physics and Electronics Science, Hubei University, China.
  2. Catalytic Effect of Silicon Carbide in the Composite Anode of Fuel Cells
    Rizwan Raza
    Clean Energy Research Lab (CERL), Department of Physics, COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan.
  3. Silicon carbide research, industrialization and commercialization in Sweden
    Bo Hammarlund, Epiluvac AB, Sweden.

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